Commerce is the third and final stage of economic development in Fate of the World, developing only after the Industrial and Agricultural sectors have been grown to a decent level. The Commercial sector also demands, far more than the lower sectors, a good level of regional stability. Commerce is the most lucrative sector per person by far and is excellent for growing a nation's GDP, but can also be dangerous. Unlike Industry and Agriculture, Commerce does not require a consistent supply of fuel, which while bolstering Commerce, can lead to a devastating Financial Crisis, especially post-peak oil.

Key Concerns with the Commerce Sector:

  • Dependent on Global Industry and Agricultral GDP
  • Combined Global Agricuture and Industry GDP must equal at least 1/2 Commerce GDP
  • Overextened Commerce results in Financial Crisis, damaging ALL economic sectors.
  • Instability will cripple Commerce growth, especially if War occurs

Developed nations will start the game with a far larger commercial sector due to their improved education and late-stage economies, such as North America and Japan.