The "evil meter" starts out at 0 and can rise all the way to 100.


Being evil may, ironically, be a good thing; having an evil score of 6 or more in Dr. Apocalypse gives access to special cards and major policies which can help GEO achieve its goals, if it doesn't mind the lack of ethics involved.


If the evil score reaches 25 or higher, there's a chance each turn that the world will turn on and overthrow GEO.

Chance of Being Overthrown for Evil
Evil Score Overthrow Chance per Turn
25 to 49 10%
50 to 74 25%
75 to 99 50%
100 100%

Raising EvilEdit

Most cards which require secrecy, illegal behavior, and/or harming people will raise the evil score.

Cards that Boost Evil
Card Name Increase in Evil
Covert Sterilisation 1
Executive Incentives 1
Fund Black Ops 1
Prospect in Wildlife Reserve 1
Fund Deep Black Ops 2
Develop Bio-Weapons 2
Fund Insurgency Campaign 3
Gene-Plague Alpha 4
Regime Change 5
Gene-Plague Beta 10
Gene-Plague Gamma 15

Lowering EvilEdit

There's three ways of lowering the evil score. The main method is to activate "Disinformation" cards, each of which lowers evil by 1 point every turn. A more drastic approach is to blame the evil acts on a GEO agent, sacrificing them as a "Scapegoat" and lowering evil by 5. Both of these methods risk dropping evil below 6, thus cutting off all of evil's benefits.

The best way of handling evil is by conspiring with Thanatos, the rogue AI. With access to GEO's networks, Thanatos will take absolute control over the world's supply of information, locking the evil score at 6 and allowing GEO to do whatever it likes without fear of discovery, though with the risk of Thanatos extinguishing humanity if the temperature rises 2.5 degrees over pre-industrial levels.