GDP stand for Gross Domestic Product and is an indicator for the power of an economy. Each economic sector (Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce) has it's own GDP and the sum of them is the GDP of the region. It determines the tax payment it makes to the GEO.

Details Edit

Each Capital Index will generate GDP. The exact formula for GDP is unknown. But there are important basic values known.

Base GDP Edit

The Base GDP is a hidden value. Each sector has a different Base GDP which is the same for all regions:

  • Agriculture: 1,100
  • Industry: 10,000
  • Commerce: 12,000

This means a Capital Index of Agriculture will generate less GDP than a Capital Index of Commerce.

There are weather events (especially in the late game) that destroy Base GDP, which is major contribution to the collapse of the economy without the player seeing the underlying causes.

GDP Suppression Edit

Other (more forgiving events) only suppress GDP for 1 turn. GDP will return to the previous value after that. For example Tobin Tax will suppress commercial GDP by 15% as long as it is active.