Globalization Protests
are random events that tend to occurs in regions with positive Outlook and are triggered when global CO2 emissions (and CO2 carbon concentrations in the atmosphere) are high. They negatively impact Support, and in many cases, increase social unrest.

Protesters believe that the GEO was formed in order to lower emissions, but has failed in its job. Far from serving the environment, protesters believe that the GEO is in fact contributing to increased emissions and may even be a puppet of "global corporations". The protesters urge for dissolution of the GEO, possibly to be replaced by a better, greener organization.

Protests can quickly escalate up to huge rallies and even burning the GEO's leader in effigy, though no actual violence will be conducted by these protesters. The strength of the protests determines how much Support is lost and are affected by how environmental the region's Outlook is (the more green the Outlook, the stronger the globalization protests).

The flip-side of globalization protests are austerity protests.