Each of the three economic sectors (Agriculture, Industry, and Commerce) offers a specific amount of jobs. That amount is determined by the percentage the sector received from the base amount of jobs. It is not directly visible, but if there are unemployed people in the region, the amount of workers has reached the amount of jobs.

Each worker in a Job produces Capital Index and thus GDP but only if the Max Capital Index cap has not been reached yet.

Size Ratio Edit

Each region has a base amount of jobs. But the real jobs available depend on each of the sector's Size Ratio percentages. At game start each region has predefined Size Ratios for all three sectors.

Region Base Jobs Agriculture

Size Ratio


Size Ratio


Size Ratio

Oceania 4% 20% 71%
Middle East 35% 20% 35%
China 36% 26% 33%
Southern Africa 57% 9% 17%
Europe 7% 23% 61%
India 47% 13% 31%
Japan 4% 27% 65%
Latin America 16% 17% 59%
North America 1% 18% 72%
Northern Africa 50% 11% 23%
Russia 9% 29% 54%
South Asia 43% 16% 34%

Notice that these Size Ratios can add up to below or above 100%. The Size Ratio of a sector only determines the amount of jobs it gets, compared to the base amount of jobs for that region (and how the sectors share workers when there is worker shortage). Increasing the Size Ratios above 100% is effectively the only way to create new jobs.

Cards and Events Edit

The following cards and event have an effect on the Size Ratio and thus reduce or increase the available jobs:

Card Effect
Topsoil Erosion A Major Problem For [region] -8% Agriculture Jobs
Job-Sharing Initiative Makes Progress +20% All Jobs
Carbon Cash To Good Cause +2% All Jobs
Cancer Increase Linked To Pollution -0.67% All Jobs
Grow Agriculture +3% Agriculture Jobs

+1% Industry Jobs

+1% Commerce Jobs

Grow Industry +1% Agriculture Jobs

+3% Industry Jobs

+1% Commerce Jobs

Grow Commerce +1% Agriculture Jobs

+1% Industry Jobs

+3% Commerce Jobs

Limited Investment In Low Carbon Development +1% All Jobs
Repeal Working Week Legislation -10% All Jobs
Reduce Week Initial Effect +10% All Jobs
[region] Rejects 'Reckless' Reduced Hours Law -8% All Jobs

Resource Shortages have a devastating effect on Jobs since they presumably reduce Size Ratios of the affected sectors.