GEO Loses MandateEdit

Over half the regions of the world have rejected the GEO. You're out of a job!

GEO HQ AttackedEdit

World leaders were in mourning yesterday, following the news that [the player] has died at the hands of irate protestors, who stormed the GEO HQ seeking vengeance for very real hardships.

You will achieve this message if your GEO HQ region rejects the GEO, in a scenario where this is listed as a loss condition (Fuel Crisis and Three Degrees). Note that although this was listed in the mission information of build 1.02, it only seems to cause a game loss in version 1.03.

Global Thermonuclear WarEdit

The use of nuclear weapons in regional conflicts has lead to a full-scale strategic exchange.

Despite the cooling effect that the resultant nuclear winter has had on global temperatures, the GEO cannot justifiably claim this to be a successful outcome.

Nuclear proliferation occurs when a region researches 4th Generation Reactor Technology. Though a powerful force for good, nuclear energy can be devastating if an equipped region descends into anarchy. (Those of you watching extremism's progress in Pakistan are advised to invest in a bomb shelter.)

Rise of AfricaEdit

GEO Rejected by AfricaEdit

After years of GEO mismanagement, the nations of Africa have united to overthrow the shackles of your incompetence.

"[the player] was a bad president.", said tribal chief [name].

Only available in Rise of Africa, obviously, it is difficult to fail this way in the 25-year timeframe unless you're actively trying, else doing nothing.

Failure to Meet ObjectivesEdit

Sadly, you were not able to increase average African HDI to 0.7 by the year 2045.

Business as usual for the cradle of mankind. It is relatively easy to avoid this fate if you simply build a Welfare Office and improve education and healthcare systems in both regions.

Three DegreesEdit

GEO's Mission Ends in FailureEdit

While the GEO's tenure has persisted until 2200, it has ultimately failed in its task. Future Generations will judge [the player] harshly as they undergo their difficult lives on a vastly poorer Earth.