0076Lib Day Parachute Regiment
is one of the four Regional Attitudes. It represents the region's aggression and attitude towards others. Highly militant societies have much more Instability and are more likely to break out into a war. The only way to reverse a Region's militancy is to keep the peace in the Region for an extended time.

There are eleven states of militancy.

Militancy Militancy Value
Rabid 13 or more
Very Aggressive 10 to 12
Aggressive 7 to 9
Assertive 4 to 6
Defensive 1 to 3
Reasoned 0
Tolerant -1 to -3
Restrained -4 to -6
Peaceful -7 to -9
Placid -10 to -12
Pacifist -13 or less

After the 1.0.3 update, the political cards that increase stability - 'Fund Law Enforcement,' 'Provide Security Assistance,' and 'Declare Martial Law' - also decrease a region's militancy by some measure. It's unknown if the 'Fund Insurgency Campaign' card will have the opposite effect.