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Fixed: Crash caused by outdated or corrupt settings files [#2717]

Fixed: 'High-Yield Crop Strains' card will now stay in hand until cancelled, as intended [#2713]

Fixed: Some instances of 'Avoid Megadeaths' bonus objective not being awarded [#2720]

Changed: Funds available at the start of a mission have been reduced [#2720]

Removed: Intervention line of cards does not work as intended and has been removed for now [#2720]

Fixed: Reports announcing 'expanding renewables' are no longer shown after the relevant policy card has been cancelled. [#2609]

Known issuesEdit

The Dr. Apocalypse mission has not been unlocked... yet. [#1923]

Tooltips for globe reports will appear even if other panels are open on top. [#2585]

Some resources may show numbers slightly below zero as the amount remaining. [#2621]

Global announcement of temperature change happens a turn late. [#2421]

Game has been reported to quit to desktop after the 'Please Wait' message on Windows XP. [#2716]

'Geo gone bust!' report is shown twice after a Bankruptcy loss. [#2328]

Some stages of Antarctic devastation may not be displayed correctly in the Earth Change view. [#2506]

Efficiency benefits of Fast-Breeder Reactors (4th Gen Nuclear) are not presented properly to the player. [#2714]

The panel last visited in regional Telemetry is preserved when starting a new mission. [#2360]

Resource shortage notifications are not entirely accurate in some cases. [#2510]

Transport Emissions graph in regional Transport panel does not show predictions. [#2660]

Graphs with both positive and negative values occasionally have alignment issues. [#2709]

Maldives scene in the introduction movie sometimes starts with the camera at the wrong position. [#2723]

Intro can become out of sync with the music on some systems. [#2723]

Sudden changes from 0 sometimes result in incorrect graphs. [#2724]

Sometimes sound will fail to initialise; restarting generally fixes this but the sound will never recover without a restart. [#2169]

If you are banned from all remaining regions on a single turn, the end-turn summary page is entirely blank. [#2582]

Globe pox do not display on some older graphics cards [#2612]

Instrument predictor pointers animate from 0 rather than from previous turn's temperature/emissions values when loading from a save game [#2673]

Music has been reported to, on occasion, stop after several hours of play; restarting the game resolves this. [#2694]

UI becomes sluggish after several hours of play [#2695]

Annual Emissions Summary tooltips and Temperature/Emission screen predictors react too strongly to changes in the previous turn. [#2721

]A few BSoD instances have been reported, though we are still investigating what the cause could be. Updating your graphics and audio drivers in always your first workaround in these instances. [#2725]

The green light ("hand full") on the Minimap and card count on the End Turn button are not updated when cancelling cards. [#2387]

Atmospheric Contentration button tooltip has wrong text [#2557]

Some statistics will not make a lot of sense with extremely low population (below 1 million). [#2669]

Game sometimes crashes when alt-tabbing from fullscreen. [#2517]

Game manual is out of date [#2718]

Some Intel onboard graphics cards have problems that cause graphical issues: (1) atmosphere, impact markers and devastation texturing not shown on the globe; (2) globe texture sometimes has visible seams between sections. [#2722]

Game sometimes crashes at the end of the intro sequence (has only been reported with Intel onboard graphics cards). [#2726]

Height of stacked graph columns sometimes do not add up to the total for the stat. [#2591]

FPS drops when region card history page is open [#2342]

Game might crash when launched. Currently only seen with the Steam version. If you encounter this problem, please send us the Steam error report. [#2451]

Bonus feature ('making of' notes) not present [#1948]

Energy sector shortages are sometimes incorrectly reported. [#2727]