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(Version française)

Each region has four regional attitudes that represent a different facet of the region's society.

  • Outlook: Represents the region's global awareness and attitude towards environmentalism at large. Regions with green outlooks support environmental actions and produce less pollution while regions with consumerist outlooks have better economies and spend more.
  • Contentment: Represents how happy the region's population are, regardless of how much they support GEO.
  • Militancy: Represents how warlike a region is. Highly militant regions are more likely to go to war.
  • Stability: Represents how unified the society and politics of the region are. Regions with low stability are prone to civil unrest and the 'disappearances' of GEO agents. However, regions with abnormally high stability are oppressive.

The Migration DLC features a new regional attitude.

  • Nationalism: Represents how jingoistic the region is. Highly nationalist regions protest against immigration to their land.

Hidden AttitudesEdit

In the game data files, a number of hidden attitudes can be found for each region. The effects of most of these are unknown.

  • Equity: Unknown. In earlier versions of the game, there was evidence of two cards called "Encourage Capitalism" and "Encourage Socialism," both of which may have affected a region's Equity attitude.
  • General: Represents that the region is part of the general population, thus subject to general changes in support. All regions have this attitude set to 1.
  • Unity: Unknown. All regions have this attitude set to 5. In earlier versions of the game, there was evidence of two cards called "Encourage Centralised Government" and "Encourage Separatistist Politics," both of which may have affected a region's Unity attitude.

Former AttitudesEdit

These attitudes were found in the date files of earlier versions of the game.

  • Community: Unknown.
  • Internationalism: Unknown. There was evidence of a card called "Encourage Isolation" in the files, which may have affected a region's Internationalism attitude.
  • Statism: Unknown.

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