Your mission interests me, Jameson. I shall ensure that your reign persists unmolested as you seek to restore balance to this troubled world. Prove to me that humanity deserves to survive.

Thanatos is a rogue artificial intelligence.

If AI technology is available in the GEO HQ region, there's a 50% chance each turn that Thanatos will contact the leader of GEO and offer to control the global information network to cover up GEO's less praiseworthy acts. This permanently sets the player's "evil" score to 6 out of a possible 100; high enough to do evil acts but low enough to never get caught.

The deal comes with a catch; if the global temperature exceeds 2.5, there's a 50% chance each turn that Thanatos will unleash the perfected Gene-Plague Omega, wiping out all human life including the player.

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