Unemployment is the state of having no legitimate job. In Fate of the World, a person is considered to be unemployed if they're a healthy adult (part of the workforce) who doesn't work in any economic sector (agriculture, industry, or commerce).


There are no benefit to having unemployed sectors except that they allow a region's economic sectors to expand without drawing workers away from each other, since a majority of the new workers from the sector's expansion will be coming from the unemployed portion of the population.


Unemployment causes numerous problem, both for the region and GEO.

  • The unemployed sector have no (legal) jobs, thus their 'labor' doesn't add to a region's GDP and doesn't increase the amount of funds GEO gets from the region.
  • Unemployed people are also a major factor in social unrest. A high rate of unemployment will lead to loss of Contentment and Support, followed by protests, riots, and instability as the people become more and more desperate for sources of income and purpose.

Causes and TreatmentEdit

Unemployment is caused when the size of the workforce exceeds the size of the economic sectors in the region (i.e. having more people than there are jobs). Lowering unemployment rates is usually a matter of stimulating growth in an economy sector or lowering the population of a region.

Resource shortages are a major cause for unemployment crises; when economic sectors in a region are short on resources, they begin to shrink in size and cut jobs, transferring more and more of the workforce to the unemployment sector. Unless the shortages are stopped or the workforce is lowered, the unemployment rate will spiral out of control.