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Version 1.02Edit

Update 1.02, released on the Second of March 2011, was a relatively minor update, which solved a few problems in the game's release code.

Version 1.03 : 'Dr Apocalypse'Edit

Update 1.03, released in ????, included a variety of bug fixes and gameplay rebalancing, as well as the long awaited Dr Apocalypse mission. It also included a few extra cards, such as Wildlife Protection, which reduces the chance of species extinction at the cost of restrained agricultural development.

Version 1.04 : 'Earth Day'Edit

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The Earth Day patch is set to be released on the 22nd of April 2011, and will include a new mission to commemerate Earth Day, in which the world starts as Green in 2020, and balance fixes for the game proper.

Version 1.05 : 'Denial'Edit

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Thr Denial patch is set to be released in late April, and will include bug and balance fixes as well as the 'Denial' bonus mission for pre-order or Special Edition customers.

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